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不提交所有正确完成的文档会导致不完全的收纳包,并会夺去你们考虑作为PTA项目的候选。的能力,正确地完成文书工作是 所需的技能 对于物理治疗师助理。

  1. 理疗师助理节目信息包
  2. 理疗师助理筛选程序包
  3. 学生背景调查信息
  4. VSCC学生手册
  5. 学生行为和纪律制裁政策
  6. 学生投诉程序的政策
  7. PTA学生手册
  8. PTA临床手册



The PTA information pack notes that a "B" or better is required for all Math & Science pre-requisite courses (Math 1130 or Math 1710, BIOL 2010, BIOL 2020, AHC 1100 and AHC 115) and a grade of “C” or higher is required for transfer of credits into the program (ENGL 1010, AHC 101, PSYC 1030 & Fine Arts) to be considered for the program . The reality is that most students who are accepted into the program have much higher grades. To give yourself the best possible chance of being accepted into the program, you should do as well as possible academically. The admissions committee looks equally at your interview, so you should hone your interview skills. The Physical Therapy field requires academically strong caring professionals who are self-directed and adaptable.

我现在有一个学士学位的科学学士学位,我必须走AHC 1100个物理课?

是的,每个学生申请的PTA项目,不管他们以前的课程作业的,必须采取AHC 101和AHC 1100,如果你有8个小时,这对PTA董事已批准物理学唯一的例外是。如果你觉得你的8小时物理学会资格,你应该电子邮件您的成绩单与课程描述的PTA项目负责人一起。